Total Video Player 1.31

This is a program that allows you to convert movies from one format to another

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    Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 2000

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Total Video Player 1.31
Total Video Player 2014

Total Video Player is a great addition to any video lovers computer.It is a basic player on the surface but unlike a lot of players it does exactly what it is supposed to--play content. No matter what kind of video files users want to play, Total Video Player can do it!

Total Video Player has a traditional and very non-obtrusive look to it. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles on the surface. At the bottom it has the classic icons for play, pause, stop, fast-forward, and rewind. These icons are clearly marked and relatively universally recognized. In addition to that, there are a few drop-down menus that allow for further personalization for each viewing experience. These are easy to use and were obviously created with simplicity in mind. The best part of Total Video Player is that it is presented in a very user-friendly format but is not lacking in practicality and versatility. This software should definitely be on all computers as the main video player.

Total Video Player currently only supports Windows operating systems. It comes in eight languages. It is a completely free software and has zero advertisements. The download size is not bad for a video player of this quality.

There have been some complaints about this player crashing while playing GIF files. There has also been some concern when trying to download this software on newer Windows operating systems. It also does not allow for subtitles or the playing multiple audio tracks at one time.

Overall, Total Video Player is a superb video player. It has no frills and goes above and beyond to allow users to get to their media. It is a complete must-have for Windows users.


  • Completely free
  • Plays most media files
  • Simple interface
  • Good quality video viewing


  • Newer computers may have a hard time with this software
  • May crash while watching GIFs
  • No subtitles
  • Can only play one audio track at a time

Total Video Player is a free Windows application for playing a wide range of audio and video files, CDs and DVDs.

When you download Total Video Player, you get a small installation file that configures the necessary libraries and directories on your computer. During the installation, you can associate the media files on your computer with Total Video Player so that double-clicking them automatically opens the application.

You can specify certain file types to be associated with Total Video Player in case you want to use another program for certain files, such as XviD or H.264. Total Video Player is compatible with a large number of video container formats, but some files may not be recognized.

The user interface for Total Video Player is somewhat basic, which may be a good thing if you dislike the cluttered layout of some other players. Even though Total Video Player has a basic, stripped-down interface, it still provides all the functions you expect in a media player. Total Video Player plays videos in window or full-screen mode and includes visualizations for audio files.

While playing media files with Total Video Player can be accomplished simply by executing the application from File Explorer, some of the software's functions can be slow and unintuitive. The playback controls are displayed prominently in the main console upon opening the application, but sometimes you may have to click a button more than once to get it to work. If you need a user manual for guidance while using the program, you won't find one in the Help menu.

One reason to use Total Video Player is that it doesn't require the installation of additional media codecs. The installation file includes all the supported file formats during the download. When you install the software, you can select which codecs to install by clicking the appropriate checkboxes. Not only does Total Video Player play downloaded files on your computer, but it reads media inserted in your CD or DVD drive for streaming movies and audio discs to your desktop. It does not, however, support BluRay discs.

Total Video Player is compatible with all versions of Windows as early as Windows 2000. Since it was designed for earlier versions of Windows, including Windows XP, the interface may seem somewhat dated and old-fashioned. The software has been available for free since 2008.

When playing audio files or CDs with Total Video Player, the playback window displays your choice of an oscilloscope or audio equalizer. You can create playlists to match your different moods and save them on your computer, similar to the way iTunes manages playlists. The main limitation of Total Video Player's audio and video playback quality is your computer's video and sound cards.


  • Free
  • Diverse functionality
  • Compatible with CDs and DVDs
  • Includes media codecs
  • Manages file associations in Windows


  • Somewhat unresponsive at times
  • No user guide

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